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Bruno Martini - Naughty !!LINK!!

After I turned 20, gin and I parted company. Happily, vodka, for me, was a superb replacement. A gin martini-drinking friend of mine explained how he adds 1 drop of scotchin his martini and finds this smooths the gin for an even more pleasurable drinking experience. It works well, too, in the vodka martini.

Bruno Martini - Naughty

Years ago when I was working at the Daily Planet (a restaurant/bar in VT) the bartender said he would make me a special after-work drink. I like a surprise, so I said yes, and minutes later he handed me a frozen drink. Hmm. Daiquiri? No. Margarita? No. What was it? A frozen gin martini. As much as I love a martini (not to mention a free drink!) I have to say it was HORRIBLE. I like mine frosty, but that was a little too much!

A martini is a combination of gin and vermouth served with an olive or a lemon twist. The martini has long been one of the most popular mixed alcoholic beverages. Vodka is used instead of gin in the vodka martini, which is a popular variation on the cocktail.

A vodka martini and a martini on the rocks are two of the many martinis available at the Martini Cocktail. Shake this cocktail to make it as cold as possible. If you prefer a stirred martini, please consider inviting me. I will continue to refer to it as a martini, whether shaken or stirred.

A stirred martini, on the other hand, is ideal for those looking for a more intense taste. When the stirring speed is slow and steady, a smooth, balanced beverage with a stronger flavor and less dilution is formed. Because the absence of air bubbles ensures that each sip is as strong as the previous one, stirred martinis produce a crystal clear drink that is completely clear. A stirred martini retains its strength and flavor until the last drop, as opposed to a shaken one. As a result, those looking for a robust flavor with a low level of dilution prefer to stir a martini. When the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the result is a smooth drink that packs a strong punch in comparison to a shaken Martini. Air bubbles are absent during this process, allowing a clear drink to remain strong until the end. A martini is an excellent way to enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and strength.

Martini di Arma di Taggia, a New York City bartender, began serving a cocktail made up of gin, vermouth, orange bitters, and an olive garnish in 1911. A bartering manual in 1887 in San Francisco appears to have been the first to publish a recipe for a Martinez. A martini must be ice cold, and when stirred with large ice cubes, it becomes less diluted and crystal clear. This is a step-by-step recipe for making a classic martini. A good rule of thumb is to make your dry martini shake rather than shake it. Martinis must be ice cold, but shaking them with ice adds tiny ice particles to the final cocktail. When you stir with large ice cubes, the martini becomes cold, not diluted, and crystal clear; when you mix it up with water, it becomes cloudy. 041b061a72


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