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Bible History: Old Testament

The name "Old Testament" reflects Christianity's understanding of itself as the fulfilment of Jeremiah's prophecy of a New Covenant (which is similar to "testament" and often conflated) to replace the existing covenant between God and Israel (Jeremiah 31:31)[55].[1] The emphasis, however, has shifted from Judaism's understanding of the covenant as a racially- or tribally-based pledge between God and the Jewish people, to one between God and any person of faith who is "in Christ".[56]

Bible History: Old Testament

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First, the entire biblical revelation centers on what God has done in history. There are countless references in both testaments to people, events and geographical locations. For example, one chapter in the Old Testament, Genesis ten, has five times more specific geographical references of importance than the entire Koran, the holy book of Islam!

The Tel Dan Stele also suggests that,no matter how capable their rulers, the people of Israel continued to be menaced by powerful, belligerent neighbours. And, in 586 BC, one of those neighbours, the Babylonians, would inflict on the Jews one of the most devastating defeats in their history: ransacking the sacred city of Jerusalem, butchering its residents, and dragging many more back to Babylonia. 041b061a72


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