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Vital Vocals ? Soul House Vocals (WAV)

These vocal packs are tailor-made for house music production. The Vol. 2 pack comes with 60 vocals of various kind and includes dry/wet versions for every take. On the other hand, the Vol. 1 pack contains 25 dry vocals, 24 wet vocals, and 25 vocal loops that you can only get at TechHouseMarket. All these samples are extremely catchy and will take your groovy Tech House tracks to another level.

Vital Vocals – Soul House Vocals (WAV)


This bundles features 3 vocal sample packs from Ghosthack. It contains over 900 acapellas, adlibs, phrases, vocal loops and one-shots. Over 2.4 GB of high quality royalty free vocals. This is one of the best black Friday deals on vocal sample packs in 2022.

The essential vocal package has been optimized with the closest attention to detail, staying true to the sound with authentic royalty-free samples. The vocals samples were recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz in studios across India. This unique sample pack has been created and maximized to the highest standards, exclusively delivered by top Indian vocalists in the Indian music scene today, and can be used to create a variety of styles with Indian vocals signatures.

Yet another pack from Vital Vocals, this is a gorgeous collection of effortlessly delivered female vocals that are sure to provide a touch of class and soul to your latest House productions. You can be guaranteed to add that final layer of memorability

ALHYM records presents: ASMR and Pop Vocal Vol 4 by Brightness, an outstanding royalty-free collection of stunning, catchy and melodic vocals from St. Petersburg based talent Brightness.

Soul House Vocals VST Crack is a sassy collection of female vocals delivered in a groovy manner. These memorable toplines and melodies will give your House tunes fresh vitality, with a crucial emphasis on soulful flavors and adaptable lyrical content. All content is 100 percent royalty-free as is the norm for vital vst download goods.


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