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Elijah Wood

Ultimate Mage Series By Simon

ProfileName: Saber (At this time, calling me Saber is fine. You will remember my true name, which you have lost, when that time comes.)Height: 150 cm (You, do not ever speak what you just thought. Even a sneeze will anger me!)Weight: 42 kg (Mmm. My body is a work of art, but being asked about my weight, as a maiden, makes me a bit uncomfortable...)3 Sizes: B83/W56/H82 ([Some Latin?] Not showing lines like these would be a loss for mankind, wouldn't it not?)Home: (Embraced by the Mediterranean sea, the place where all roads lead, which was my castle, the capital of flowers, in other words, the Empire of) RomeBirthday: Unknown (Do you refer to the day I let out my first cry or the day I came to the crown? My apologies, I said something ill-natured. Do not make such a darling face.)Weak Point: That I possess headaches, and that I was not blessed with someone who understood me, I suppose. (Well, it does not bother me much now. You are here. Praise and pamper me, one hundred, no, one thousands more than those people!)Fetishism: I cannot cite only one! (It's for that reason I need a harem!)What do you seek from your partner?Now is the time when I protect you, Praetor. Therefore, I do not desire much. (As long as you are healthy, that is enough.)Favorite underwear color?When I exposed myself to the people, I was generally wearing red. (I suppose you could say that it is my image color.)How do you spend your free time?I take baths. Those with flowers floating in the water are especially fine. (On occasion, it would be fine for you to wash my back out of gratitude.)Love of HaremsSaber's first SG.Her true name is unknown, but either way, this is one of the deeds of her life, where she did as she liked. Basically, calling it the privilege of an emperor, she kept beautiful boys and beautiful girls.It seems that she indulged her whims as much as wanted: listening to them singing, having them model for sculpture, receiving massages from them, and occasionally having them be her companion in fashionable games.Besides the harem, she opened tournaments crowned with her own name, appear in Olympia (the root word of olympic) and become the champion, boast that she was an artist that rivals the god of music Apollo, declare that she was a charioteer that rivals the god of the sun Sol; whether now or then, her love of flashiness hasn't changed.However, unexpectedly, before she became emperor, she was appreciated as an impartial judge. This flashy life all came about after she became emperor. Or maybe, she considered an emperor a "light which, like the sun, is necessary and essential to the people and the world," and maybe she was performing that role with all her strength.Laurel Wreath VeilSaber's second SG. Its other name is "Desire for Marriage."Rather than a secret, it is a desire, a dream. As she became emperor as a girl, she was unable to welcome a wedding ceremony as a single human being. From her admiration of that, this SG was given form.Though her birthplace of the peninsula of Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is a region of especially vigorous volcanic activity and a zone of reoccurring earthquakes. Regions like this...of course, Japan is included as an often seen peculiarity, attached importance to symbols that have to do with fertility and symbols of living motion.The greatest of these is a crown of bay laurel--the laurel wreath.Since Ancient Greece, within the scope of Mediterranean civilization, the laurel wreath is a tradition, a symbol of glory granted to the victors of all games. This is the reason that the successive generations of emperors had their heads crowned with laurel wreaths.Of course, Saber, as the emperor or maybe as the winner of a tournament, has been crowned with a laurel wreath countless times. There is no mistake that a veil in the shape of a laurel wreath is reflected in her mind as a treasure that has no superior.Love for the PeopleSaber's third SG.The way of her heart. It is said that while Saber personally criticized herself as self-righteous, she pursued the beauty to forgive ten thousand people--the ultimate beauty. That wish was not granted even to the end, of course.However."Whether is it a single gold coin, the sport of a single night, a single shard of a dream.Nevertheless, the ten thousand people who saw that were people who showed flower-like smiles--that, I think, is the form of ultimate beauty,"she said, as if she were dreaming. Stars for the sky. Flowers for the earth. And love for people. That this way of living is ultimate beauty, Saber is unaware.

Ultimate Mage series by Simon



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