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Buy Lego Rock Raiders

There are twenty-five missions total, each of them is in either a rock, lava/volcanic or ice cavern environment. It is not necessary to complete every mission with 100%, or even complete all the missions, to complete the campaign, however, the player will unlock a "better" ending cutscene by completing the campaign in full.

buy lego rock raiders


The eponymous Rock Raiders were a team of miners that searched for energy crystals in the underground. They had several specialized mining and transport vehicles at their disposal, and were based at various locations around Planet U, where they processed rocks to extract the powerful Energy Crystals with their refinery stations. During their excavations, they would occasionally encounter Rock Monsters (included in two different sets), Slimy Slugs, and numerous other monsters, who would often attack the Rock Raiders or their bases, usually for Energy Crystals (although some, like Spiders and Scorpions, were merely aggressive towards the Raiders).

Rock Monsters are subterranean beings made entirely of rock with glowing red eyes. They feast on the energy crystals used to power Rock Raiders vehicles and are not aggressive unless their crystals are stolen. They are the most common enemy. The best way to kill them is with a Laser Beam.

That being said I've attached a download for the game which includes the fixes found on this and other forums. This should allow you to launch a compatible version of Rock Raiders by just launching the game (.exe) application. There are also more detailed instructions on the download page. For Rock Raiders fans, I hope you find this link helpful: -rock-raiders/

From the moment your first crew member is beamed down to the planet to the end of each mission-based level, LEGO Rock Raiders looks very good. For instance, even though each of the game's levels takes place in some sort of rocky cavern, the walls, rocks, and other features are all plainly but cleanly textured. Rock Raiders' character models are also simple, blocky shapes detailed by simple, solid-color textures. Yet your LEGO troopers and buildings look exactly as they should; characters and buildings all look exactly like their colorful plastic snap-together counterparts. The Rock Raiders and the dangerous-yet-cute alien monsters they encounter are all cleverly and whimsically animated - both in the actual game and in the excellent cutscenes that precede each mission.

However, Chief's briefings and hints are long-winded and dry - so much so that the same youngsters who were probably intended to benefit from his thoroughness may instead find themselves dozing off at the keyboard. Fortunately, Rock Raiders' in-game sound effects are good enough to hold anyone's attention; the landslides and dynamite explosions emit loud, appropriate rumbles and crashes, and both the raiders and the monsters make their own endearingly humorous noises when they get injured or tired, or when they do pretty much anything other than dig, build, or wander about.

Unfortunately, digging, building, and wandering about are pretty much all your units do. There's no actual combat in Rock Raiders; when you do encounter a monster, you click your mouse once to put your units on action stations, and they'll scare off the enemy on their own. In fact, your raiders will do pretty much everything on their own, despite the vague hierarchy of priorities you can set for them. This autopilot artificial intelligence was probably intended to keep youngsters from being overwhelmed by micromanaging many different units at once - as such, all you do in Rock Raiders is give out orders, sit, wait, and hope they get carried out soon. However, your units are so autonomous that they'll often directly disobey orders, and this can be frustrating to say the least. To make matters worse, Rock Raiders' interface isn't terribly helpful - there are no means to jump to or center on a specific raider, so you'll have to scroll around the screen to find the one AWOL raider you need to complete the mission.

Rock Raiders' mission design doesn't do much for the game either. Since there's no combat, no diplomacy, and very little effective unit management, the majority of the gameplay is gathering resources to build structures. Even though different missions will have different objectives, like rescuing lost team members or building an air-supply station before your oxygen runs out, the ultimate objective for each mission is the same: Gather resources, either to build a certain building - perhaps to create a certain vehicle in turn - or simply to fulfill the mission's quota. No matter what you do, you'll usually find yourself waiting for your raiders to go back and forth among the cavern walls to collect enough resources - and in later missions, when more development and more resources are required, this can be tedious indeed. Even the search-and-rescue missions are largely dependent on building the right structure or vehicle, which you'll need to locate and/or reach your teammates. And to make matters worse, you can't save your game in the middle of a mission - so to advance through the game, you'll have to sit through each long resource-gathering session from start to finish.

@Cyrem I may have spoken a bit too soon unfortunately. The game runs at a nice frame rate and the saves and in game audio work as well. It seems I get a pretty pervasive graphical issue where the screen glitches out whenever there's any 2-D layover text from leaving the cursor still too long or selecting a rock raider, moving the cursor or deselecting makes things go back to normal, however. Aside from that everything works fine but this makes the game almost unplayable. I tried the compatibility settings you suggested and they didn't seem to help. Running in compatibility mode for windows 95 had the intro video run but didn't fix the problem and gave me about 2-3 fps. Any pointers?

the game plays but have heavy graphically corruption also the cutscenes are missing and since i know someone is going to post it i have downloaded the game from -lego-rock-raiders-with-dgvoodoo-r7/ and follow all steps to the letter

Hi,You got to try this guide, you basically got to emulate the game as Voodoo2 card.Follow the steps here first to the letter, then you should be able to play: -lego-rock-raiders-with-dgvoodoo-r7/ 041b061a72


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