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Where Can I Buy Abba Zaba Candy BEST

Abba-Zaba bars can be found almost exclusively west of the Rockies.[3] The wrapper features a yellow and black checkerboard "taxi" pattern. They can be purchased in bulk on the web. They can also be found in candy specialty stores anywhere in the US and Canada.[citation needed]

where can i buy abba zaba candy

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This candy bar is sold mostly West of the Rockies where the market for it is the strongest. This means that anyone who lives on the other side of the country may never have even heard of this candy bar. This candy bar can be purchased online, however, and this is a great way for someone who wants to try this candy bar outside of its normal sales area to try it out. The online sales reality today has made it possible for some of these more traditional candies to get a new life and find a new market.

i am desperately trying to find abba zaba full size bars in pittsburgh. i lived in detroit for a few years and ate these constantly. im 38 now, last time i had 1 i was 19.can anyone help me out? i cant find them at any retail stores here.

This is where to get the largest and freshest selection of wholesale candy. is a candy wholesaler that serves over 800 retailers with outstanding customer service. All the candy brands you know plus the newest trending candy and snacks. is the best bulk candy website in Canada. So go ahead and fill your candy store with the freshest and most popular candy and snacks! Your sweet customers deserve it!

What made this candy so special, you might ask? Well, it consisted of a white taffy exterior with a creamy peanut butter center. Known as the Abba-Zaba bar, this stick-to-your-teeth confection became a huge hit out west, where they still carry the biggest clout, today.

My great-grandfather lived in Hollywood CA and was a friend of the company owner. This was probably in the1920s. My father said they were given boxes of Abba Zabbas as gifts from the owner. Dad said the candy bars were thicker had more peanut butter in them back then.He told me that they used to put a colored ribbon sporadically in a bar. You could get free ones with those ribbons, i.e. 1, 5 or 10. This was probably the inspiration for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

We are a family-owned business based in Chesterton, IN, focusing on delicious candy and unique confections you won't typically find anywhere else. While sweet treats are designed to taste good, we also know they're more than just sugar. The right candy can brighten the best day and make even the worst day a little better. With every candy we make or choose to carry in our store, our goal is to make life a little sweeter. 041b061a72


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