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We recommend using only the number of physical cores on the system when there is hyperthreading available. For the computational tasks in IMOD, using more than the number of physical cores is usually of little benefit at best, and using all of the hypercores will make jobs take longer overall. To determine the number of physical cores, you can enter imodqtassist -t Parallel processing on multiple machines requires two things in addition to a cpu.adoc file: it must be possible to log in to all machines via ssh without a password, and the data must be in a shared file system accessible to all machines. To set up ssh keys for access without passwords, simply run ssh-keygen -t rsa and type Enter for all of the queries. Then enter: cp $HOME/.ssh/ $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys If necessary, distribute this authorized_keys file to the .ssh directories on other machines that do not have the same home directory. The three different kinds of platforms (Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, Windows with Cygwin) may require separately generated keys. If this seems to be the case, run ssh-keygen once on each type of machine then combine the .ssh/ files from each into one authorized_keys file. Distribute this combined authorized_keys file to the .ssh directories.

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