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Metodologi Penelitian Kesehatan: A Review Of Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo's Book


Metodologi Penelitian Kesehatan: A Review of Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo's Book

Metodologi Penelitian Kesehatan (Health Research Methodology) is a book written by Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo, S.K.M., M.Com.H., a prominent Indonesian public health expert and educator. The book was first published in 2002 and has been revised several times since then. It is widely used as a reference and textbook for students, researchers, and practitioners in the field of health sciences in Indonesia.

Metodologi Penelitian Kesehatan: A Review of Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo's Book

The book covers various aspects of health research methodology, such as the concept and scope of health research, the types and designs of health research, the steps and procedures of health research, the data collection and analysis methods, the ethical and legal issues of health research, and the dissemination and utilization of health research results. The book also provides examples and exercises to help readers apply the concepts and methods in their own research projects.

The book is written in a clear and concise language, with illustrations and tables to facilitate understanding. The book also reflects the current trends and developments in health research, such as the use of information technology, the importance of evidence-based practice, and the integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The book is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about health research methodology, especially in the Indonesian context.



The author of the book, Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo, is a well-known and respected figure in the field of public health in Indonesia. He was born in Boyolali on December 27, 1940, and started his education in health sciences at the University of Indonesia, where he obtained his Bachelor of Public Health degree. He then continued his studies at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, England, where he earned his Master in Community Health degree. He later obtained his Doctor of Public Health degree from the University of Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Soekidjo Notoatmodjo has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia since 1972, and an extraordinary professor at the Faculty of Health, Christian University of Indonesia since 1980. He has also written several books and articles on various topics related to public health, such as health promotion, health behavior, health ethics and law, human resource development, and global health. He has received many awards and honors for his contributions to public health education and research in Indonesia.

The book Metodologi Penelitian Kesehatan is one of his most popular and influential works, as it provides a comprehensive and practical guide for conducting health research in Indonesia. The book has been widely used by students, researchers, and practitioners who want to learn more about the principles and methods of health research, as well as the challenges and opportunities that they face in conducting health research in Indonesia. The book has also been revised several times to keep up with the latest developments and trends in health research.

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