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Anatoly Uvarov

Verbal Rio Master

The educational objectives for students in the OCES program are: attaining a thorough understanding of marine and coastal zone dynamics at various levels of organization; 2) attaining quantitative and qualitative data-interpretation skills from raw experimental results as well as from interpretation of primary literature; 3) developing technical and intellectual skills to design, carry out and interpret results of experiments addressing marine and coastal problems employing a wide range of multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art approaches; 4) acquiring verbal and written communication skills to entertain professional discourse with experts within the discipline, exchange scientific ideas between researchers of diverse backgrounds and effectively communicate with a lay audience; and 5) developing and enhancing existing critical thinking skills through hands-on problem solving.

verbal rio master

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Spirit Arts: At first, unnamed, Rio could mimic magic principals since he never succeeded in the contract ceremony. Despite not knowing about it, he mastered it to a good extent, learning things such as healing, strengthening, and hypnosis surprising Ursula. Rio can use all elements and spirit arts.

From Haruto's memories, Rio inherited his knowledge in Ancient Martial Arts, which had allowed him to defeat an assassin, while having strengthened himself using Spirit Arts. Later on, he further trains himself at Beltrum Kingdom Royal Academy, developing his own style, excelling in swordsmanship giving his instructors a hard time and he's capable of besting the Royal Guard, Charles Arbor, something he fellow competing classmates couldn't do. At 16, Rio became a master swordsman, multiple people being impressed by his sword skills. In addition to this, he is skilled in unarmed combat, and could stop Takahisa's sword with his bare hands in a duel shocking Satsuki.

/*-->*/The German alphabet contains notable differences when compared to English, but it's not tremendously complex to learn if you have already been writing or reading using the Roman alphabet. German phonetics is a bit more challenging as it contains different phonemes and special vowels that influence pronunciation and are not represented in many other European languages. Although you may have heard that German grammar is tough to master, it is highly logical, and so is definitely accessible to anyone who wishes to dedicate the time to learning and putting the rules into frequent practice.

Performs postdoctoral degree in social anthropology at UFRGS, linked to the Navisual. He is a journalist, photographer, audiovisual and anthropologist producer, graduated in media by UFES. He held a master's degree in Multimens (Photography and Cinema) and a doctorate in social anthropology at UNICAMP, both research funded by FAPESP. Studies themes related to art, image (photography, cinema, drawing, video, etc.), audiovisual anthropology and image, religion, symbolism, rituals, visual and verbal narratives and culture / "Japanese culture.

It has a Doctor's title in history by UFMG (2014), in the research line science and culture in history. He is a master in History from the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), with a sandwich stage at UFMG. He completed the graduation in History at the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG). She is currently a collaborator researcher at the René Rachou Institute of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (IRR / Fiocruz Minas) and postdoctoral resident at PPGAS-UFRGS. She has experience of teaching and researching in history of sciences, with emphasis on history of international cooperation programs in science and health. 041b061a72


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